This series of work came about after seeing the destruction, devastation and sorrow that took over the
island of Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria. I have many childhood summer memories
emotional destruction of the island and the people was heartbreaking. I felt a need to express my feelings
and reactions through my work. The drawings and mix media pieces in this series combine memory and
interpretations of both before and after island images. The rebuilding and repair of Puerto Rico will be a
long process and journey that I hope will not be forgotten. A portion of all sales of this work will be donated
to the United Fund of Puerto Rico to help in the on going recovery of the island.
This series of work reflects the idea of transformation, new growth and beginnings. Using images
from nature to create a narrative about a path to healing. The work uses a dialogue between
natural forms and a restricted color palette to create a metaphorical  balance between pain and
This series of work was inspired by a visit to Thailand and Laos. The spirituality and
simplicity of life against the beauty and elaborate design and architecture of nature
inform this work.